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milk on black is always a win - 在黑上的男奶总真棒

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Triplets Sex Pt. 3

All Roger could talk about on the way to G-Ma house, was his first time getting head. He kept saying I never felt anything like that before and it felt so so so good. But when he said he has to ask his mom what that white stuff was that came out at the end. We all burst out laugh and said “That’s nut.” Nard told him that it’s what’s girl like to drink and Jay said Baby are made with it. And I told him it’s what you bust every time you have sex , that it’s a must. We all told him not to tell Aunt Carol because we would all get in trouble, because we aren’t suppose to do that kind of stuff until we’re older. He said he it’ll be a secret. So I knew he wouldn’t say anything. When I walked into G-Ma house I walked in the den and flopped down on the couch, my G-Ma came over and said “What’s wrong baby are you tired?” I said “Yeah Grandma I need a nap.” She popped me on my butt with her rag and said “You sleep on beds not on my couch; sit up.” I laughed and said “I’m go get you back for that G-Ma.” She walked into the kitchen laughing. I went into one of the rooms and laid down, right as I was falling asleep my brother came a jumped on the bed. “Wake up nigga and come eat!” I threw a pillow at his ass and flipped over to try and go to sleep; then my mom walked in “Wake up boy! And come eat! Now!” I got up and slowly walked into the dining room. Grandma fixed up a spread. I ate like the King I am. Then we all helped clean up, and headed back home. As soon as I got back home I ran to my bed and fell fast asleep. I woke up a couple hours later, to see Jay sitting on his bed watching T.V. I asked him what time it was, “11:30pm” he answered. “Oh so where Nard at?” looking around our room, “He left bout ten minutes ago” “Where he went?” “Shit I don’t know, I ain’t his babysitter” I know he knew but I ain’t press him. I got up took a shower, then got dress. As I was about to leave he asked me where I was going? I said “Over to Nick’s place, I can’t wait to beat that up.” With a smirk he said “You better hurry.” Walking out the door I kept thinking why did he say I better hurry. Then it hit me… Nard. So I started running, I jumped across the school fence, ran across the field, slid threw the gate. Dodged a coupe cars to get across the street, ran down the block. Crawled threw the bushes and I was in his back yard. I always knock on his window to let him know I was there. But this time I walked up and looked through the blinds, which by the where wide open. I seen Nard sitting on Nick’s bed and they were talking as Nick walked around his room. I decided to watch and see how far they go. Nick turned on his radio and walked up to Nard slowly, then started dancing all seductive and shit. Now he ain’t no prissy ass white boy, Nick’s average height, bright blues eyes, blond hair you know an all American football playing white boy , with a banging ass body, he puts in them crunches, and a nice tight bubble ass. So it was funny to see him in front of my brother slowly stripping off his clothes. My bro leaned back and watched as he put on a show for him. Nick unbuttoned his pants to expose his blue silk panties, he always wore them when he knew he was going to get some dick. If only he team could see there star running back now in some chick panties. That gave me and idea, I pulled my phone out and put in on video and set it on the window ledge. After a little more dancing Nick slowly slid his panties down his thigh, around to his ankles and step out them. He turned around to give my brother an ass shot. And as a reward received a hard slap on the ass. He started shaking his ass, turned around and climbed in Nard’s lap, he began grinding hard in his lap, and sucking on his neck. I could see my brother was enjoying the lap dance I should have been getting. Nick slowly got up and started popping his ass, which I had never seen him do he must have watched a black flick or something and learned some moves. Nard was savoring the whole thing. I was pissed off in that window. That’s when he backed it up on him, and dropped back in his lap, bouncing that ass on him. Nick turned around and kissed him, they fell back on the bed, Nick was grinding up against my brother, Nard rubbed and fingered Nick with one digit. Seen that white boy ass spread open like that had a nigga wanting to climb threw the window, and knock something loose. Nick kissed my brother on his lips, then his cheek, onto his neck, moving to chest, onward to his naval, then licked down to the top of his jeans. My brother unbuttoned and them slid off. Since he was wearing no boxer, Nick began licking where he left off until his tongue, ended at the tip of Nards dick. He kissed the top all licked the body. He sucked on the part under on top of the balls, and I seen how my bro toes curled. He kiss his inner thigh all the way down to his calf. He spotted them toes and went to feed on them feet, my brother back arched and he moaned loud enough for me to hear threw the glass. He gazed up in Nard’s eyes as he sucked on his pinkie toe. Then licked on the bottom of his feet. He said something to him and my brother flip over on his stomach. Nick pull out a bottle of some red gel, and squirted it down Nard’s back to his ass crack. He dove straight in between my brother ass, lick and slurping that asshole. Nard was grabbing and pulling the sheets, as that white boy munch on his red ass. Nick pull my brother up by the waist so his ass was spread open wide. He again flick his tongue around his hole then split inside, making Nard bite the sheets. You could tell the was having a hell of a time. To finish up Nick bite him on his ass and my brother jump. They laugh and Nick stepped up behind him grabbed his waist with one hand and then positioned himself and I watch as his meat disappeared inside of my brother. I stood the in pure shock, frozen I couldn’t move, what had just happened. My brother doesn’t get fucked, I’ve never seen him get fucked. I was standing with my mouth stuck open as this fucking white boy’s dick beat my brother from the back. All I know is Nard was taking the shit like a pro, and Nick was hitting it like it wasn’t the first time. He was in a stance with his back straight, his hands on Nards waist giving him pure pipe, his ass jiggle every time he hit, my brother back was curved perfect for deep jabs. He beat him like this for a minute until he laid my brother on his side and laid behind him. Nick slipped back in side, and slowly fucked him, he kissed and sucked on his ear lobe as he glid in and out, Nard put his leg, over top on Nick’s giving me a perfect view of the penetration. Nick caress my brother as they did it, as if they were making love, not just fucking but that changed. When Nick slapped him on the tight, Nick cuffed my brother and started grinding inside that ass deep, hitting him hard and fast. Nard’s mouth gapped open threw the whole thing. This nigga was loving this dick, I could hear the nigga screaming, it was hard to tell but I think he was creaming on this boys’ dick. My mind was blown. Nick fuck my brother for another ten minutes like this before he blew his nut all over Nard’s leg. That’s when I stop recording and texted Nick ‘I’m almost 2 ur houz.” He showed my brother the text and he jumped up and put on his clothes. They kissed and my brother ran out the room. I hide in the bushes as he ran out the same way I came in. I waited five minutes before I walked up and knocked on Nicks’ window. He came up and answered it. “Hey Ray what took you so long” he asked then preceded to lie and say “I been waiting for you all night, I was getting lonely.” I just laugh it off, because I came for a nut and that’s what I was going to get. “Are you going to invite me in?” I asked “You know your way, I’ll meet you.” Walking in threw the sliding glass door. I was met with a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his waist and started kissing him back. We backed into wall, and were going at it serious. “Come on let’s get this shit started” he said pulling me towards his room but I pulled him back and said “Didn’t you say your parents are going to be out late” He looked at me funny and said “Yeah” and I started pulling him towards his parents room. I open the door to see there giant cali-king size bed. “No, we can’t do it in here” Nick said, “My parent’s will know.” I grabbed him and kissed those thin white boy lips and said “We’ll be finished way before they get back.” He looked at me like he was unsure but he let up and dropped to his knees to service me in his parents room. All I can tell you is this fucking white boy was sucking me so good I though he had inhaled one of my balls. I felt his hand flow across the shaft of dick and his tongue swirl around my head. His head bounced on my dick fast, he knew how I liked my head. After I was good and hard I picked him up and pushed him on his parents bed. He scrambled to the middle as if he were running from me. I ran and jumped on top of him and we started kissing again. That’s when i told him what I always told him before we fucked. “You know I love that ass right.” He always smiled but I think he wanted me to say I love him. But I was to young for that. I laid down on my back and told him to get to work. He jumped up and place himself over top of me then lowered himself on my rock hard meat. This was his time, he loved riding me, he closed his eyes, bit his lip, started rubbing my chest as his hips slowly rolled around my dick inside him. The way his ass clenched around the base of my dick was something wonderful, and the way Nick moaned as my dick split open that ass, was music to my ears. When he began bucking hard the bed creaked so loud I though it would break and he was so loud I just knew the neighbor heard. So I had to change it up on him, I went into my favorite position ass up, faced down. I started fucking the shit out that white boy, his ass was tight and moist. I watched as my dick split deep inside that bitch. I loved the way his screams got muffled as he bite in the mattress. I pushed his back down further and wrapped my feet around his legs and started an assault on my boys ass. He was clenching the sheets hard as fuck, as I felt my dick hitting what felt like his stomach; we were both dripping sweat. “You like this dick don’t you” But he couldn’t answer as I hit him with a deep one. “I said DON’T YOU LIKE THIS DICK” I yelled pulling on his hair, but I hit him deep again and his mouth just hung open in pleasure, “Yeah I know, I’m like crack to you ain’t I.” I pushed his head back down and continued the war my dick had going on against his guts. I lifted up on him and he slide from under me and flipped on his back. “Oh yeah Nick you know how I like don’t you” he kissed me and split them legs open and said “It’s all yours daddy.” Oh he know I loved that shit. I was on that ass like me on him. I had his legs on my shoulder, my back straight, my dick hard hitting his ass, him screaming “Fuck it Daddy, Fuck it!” I was putting all I had in to the boy , and he was taking it, sweat fell from my face to his. When I slipped out to suck on that white boy ass it was beatin and pink, that hole was pulsing. I stood and lifted him up, I pressed his back up against the wall above the head board, Nick wrapped his legs around my waist and we were back. He kissed me ass I took it easy on him. Just enough for him to catch his breath. He stopped kissing me and said “I think…” and stop and asked him what? He said it again “I think…” getting mad cuz he fucking me up as I’m digging him on that wall I yelled “You think what?” “I think I love you.” he said and rested his chin on my shoulder. I didn’t know what to say so I just decided to show him I love. I got his legs one by one and placed them on my shoulder with his back still pressed against the wall. I shoved every piece of dick I had up in him. And he dug he nails into my back, “Oh daddy I love it!” he yelled. So you know I had to beat it up real good for the one that love me. I had them ass cheeks gripped open fucking a dent into the wall, I was trying to beat my dick straight threw him into the wall. All I feel is his walls collapsing around my meat, he’s crying with his arms wrapped around my neck, I can feel the sweat fall from my ass. I’m on my tippy toes all in Nick he screaming “Oh shit my Daddy!” patting me on the side, so I know I’m fucking the shit out of him. I slung him on the bed and still fucking him like no tomorrow, I’m about to nut and he pushing me and pointing at the door yelling “My dad!” I looked up and his parents are standing in the doorway. But I’m like fuck it I’m about to cum, so I speed up, and I feel my leg twitching and I pull out and cum all over Nick. His dad grabs me as his mom stands there screaming, I yell “I love you too”. And his dad throws me out in the backyard then comes back and throws my clothes. He slams the sliding door and I hurry and put my clothes on and run home as fast as I can. I get home sweating and panting. I run straight to my room and fall on my bed. My brother ask “Whats wrong?” I tell em “Nick dad just caught us fucking.” 

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Triplets Sex Pt 2

Walking back to the house I can’t help but think about how much I wanted some ass and that if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to go to grandma house I’d be deep in some guts. I still can’t believe both my brothers fuck my jump-off, but what can you do. Once we got to the house Ma was already ready to go so we had to hurry up to take a shower and get dress. You know I had to look fresh for G-Ma. Once we all were ready we jumped in the car and was off. It seems like it takes forever to get there but finally we do, and to our regret we see my Aunt Carol car there, which mean are cousin must be in there. Collectively we say “Aw man, Roger must be here.” My mom says “What’s wrong with Roger?” “Nothing” we say in unison. Me and my brothers get out the car, we walk up the stone and pebble drive was threw her tropical landscape on too her screened patio, then finally we get to her door. Nard opens the door and walks in first, and then I and Jay, and my mom came in last. G-Ma has a pretty big house and it always smells like she was cooking up something real good. We walked around the house looking for her until we were found by Roger first. He was cool but he always wanted to hang around us all the time, which was cool but he’s just a touch nerdy. “Hey cousins, what you guys up to?” he asked, “Looking for G-Ma” we responded; “Where is she.” He told us she was o the back porch with his mom. My two brothers walked out on the porch with Roger but I wanted to see what was cooking so I crept up to the stove and lifted the lid on one of the pots, then suddenly my hand was stinging and I dropped the lid. I looked up and my Mom was like “Next time I see you doing that, you pull back a stub. You know better.” SO I looked up at her and said “I’m telling on you” and ran outside, she tried to snatch my collar but missed. I ran onto the porch and said “G-Ma momma hit me.” That’s when my mom walked out on the porch. “Tia why you hit this child, you can’t be beating on my babies now.” My mom looked at me with a frown and I smiled back. “He’ll be alright Ma but how you doing?” So they started talking and me, my brothers and of course Roger headed off to walk around the neighborhood. Jay said we should go hit Melanie and see what she was up to. Her and her girls loved us and always were down for whatever.

So we headed over to the park in my G-ma neighborhood to see if they were there, and to our luck they were. We walked up on them and the moment they seen us they screamed and jumped up and hugged us. “What’s up girls, were sitting here waiting for the Thomas triplets?” I asked “None, Ray, we done with y’all ‘little’ boys” she said laughing. “Oh it must have been awhile since these ‘little’ boys but up in you little girl if that’s what you think.” She looked at me with a smirk then pulled me between her legs and said “Way to long.” So Nard blurts out “What we waiting lets head to your house.” Melanie was like we can’t my parents are home, but Christie says nobody at her house. So we head down the street to Christie’s people house. I hear Roger ask Jay what are we going to do, Jay replies “we’re going to act like grown-up and your going to be look out.” I start laughing in my head but hold it in not to spoil the moments. The moment we reach Christie’s house we divide up. I’m with Melanie, Nard with Christie, and Jay with Monica. We go to the den and I tell Roger to be look out if anybody comes knock on the door twice. Closing the door Mel and her girls put and a strip tease show for us, taking off their shirts, then, pants, keeping on their little bra. Mel comes and lays on the couch and I get on top of her and slide in slow, she digs in to my shoulder t cope with me going in. I look to my side and see Christie’s grinding hard on top of Nard, while Monica is bent over on the floor with Jay digging out her back. The room quickly fills with Ohs and Ahs. Melanie pussy was tight as fuck, nice and wet. I wasn’t long before she was cumming all over my dick, screaming and panting hard. I knew just how she liked it. As soon as she calmed down, we heard the two knocks at the door. We all rushed and put are clothes back on and Mel ran out to the front he see who it was. She was like oh shit it’s my big brother just grab your clothes and run to my room. That’s just what we all did. Melanie was kind of scared you could tell. So I hugged her and told her to chill everything will be alright. Her brother came to her door and asked her where there parents were. I automatically recognized him, he was in eighth grade with I was in sixth, I used to hang with his homeboy brother sometime so we kind of knew each other. He said “Hey” to all of us and walked back to his room. But something was different about him I hadn’t seen him in awhile but the boy grew a dunk back there. None it ain’t grow, somebody been hitting that. It’s strange though he don’t see like the type to fuck around, he look kind of thuggish. But I had to find out, so I told everybody to just chill I’ll go chill with Mel’s brother so they could finish up. I told Mel to entertain my cousin but to be gentle it’ll be his first time.

As I walked into Chris’s room I closed the door behind me and locked it. He looked up and said you look familiar I just can’t figure it out though. I told him I used to chill with Bookie brother Man-Man, he was like “oh yeah that’s right”. So I sat next to him on the couch he was about to play Madden on his PS3. He asked me if I wanted to play. I said “yeah but let’s make it interesting”, he said “What do you mean?” “I mean that lets make a wager, the first player to score a touchdown gets to get some head from the other player.” Chris started laughing and said “What makes you think I would do some shit like that, let alone with a 12year old.” Snapping back I said “I’m 13 and I just got this feeling you will. How old are you anyways thirty?” “I like that confidence you have but I’m 15.” he said and I said “That cool that the perfect age, let’s play.” We both playing hard, trying to score that touchdown but I underestimated how good he was, and he almost scored, but I did a fake out and scored on his pussy ass. So immediately I jump up in front of him and dropped my pants, my dick stood straight up in his face. He looked at me and said “Damn boy, you sure your only thirteen” I smiled and pulled his head closer to my dick. Then I muttered “make me happy.” The moment he wrapped his lips around my head I knew it wasn’t his first time, I could feel the suction in mouth and his tongue caressing the bottom of my dick. His mouth was all warm and cozy; I didn’t want to leave this happy place. He played with my balls, as I played with the back of his throat. The boy had skills, no gags or anything he should have gotten paid for this service. But of course head wasn’t what I was here for; I wanted some of that ass. So I asked him, “Why don’t you lay back and let me please you some more.” Without hesitation he laid back and split them legs apart giving me a beautiful view of that ass, and that hole was looking tight and accommodating; it was flexing waiting for me to come inside.

As I descent between his legs, his eyes light up as I began to push my way inside him. His mouth is hanging open, the deeper I go the wider it opens. He finally lets out a noise, I’ve hit bottom. We start to kiss and I slowly slide out and our lips parts in time for him to say “Awwww”, as I crept back in I felt him tense up, I whisper in his ear “Relax baby everything is OK.” He smiles and we start kissing again. That’s when I pull out and hit him hard and deep, he tries to scream but our kiss muffles it. I unleash a furry of a pounding on that tight opening, he’s clawing up back as I fill his spaces, I can see his eyes are in the back of his head, the boy in ecstasy, I release my lips from his and he start scream, “OH SHIT FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME!” he grabs my nibbles and clamps down on and aw man this feeling comes over me like never before which makes me go to smashing his insides with powerful pile drivers, all you hear is balls smacking ass, and his legs flinging in the air, suddenly I hear a knock on the door but we’re to busy to answer. I pull out and see his asshole gaping opening waiting patiently for my dick to come back. I ball him up in the corner of the couch, with his head buried down in the cushion; he’s begging me to fuck, pleading for my dick “Please fuck me, slide back in! Please put it back in me Ray!” I proceed back in balls deep, Chris starts biting the couch letting these loud moaning. “Oh fuck Ray fuck me!” he screams “Fuck me!” I’m terrorizing his shit, his head smashing into the couch but he loving every moment, I’m stroking, and stroking ; Chris leans up and starts jacking his dick, he lets out a MJ scream and nut flies across the room, he panting hard, and I flip his ass over the arm of the chair and continue my assault. With more knocking at the door I continue giving him straight dick, he yelling “I can’t take know more” but I don’t hear nothing! I just feel my nuts stirring and my dick swelling, I slap him on the ass, and watch the waves ripple, “Make me nut nigga, make this dick spit.” He pushes me on back and flops down and starts’ riding my dick like it’s a full time job! My toes curling, the couch is squeaking, I’m groaning loud as fuck, “Oh oh shit! I feel it bitch! Ride that dick nigga!” We flip over and he ends up on his stomach on the floor, I’m digging for gold; pushing inside him as far as I can go. I’m fucking this nigga so right he passes out on the floor; I’m beating it up till he comes back. As that feeling of a nut becomes stronger, I began to fuck him harder and harder, faster and sloppier. Until my own eyes roll back and I finally pull out and shoot pools of cum all over his fat ass, and back. Chris falls straight to sleep and I collapse on top of him covered in sweat and nut. Right there on the floor. Kind of sore myself I slowly get up and put my clothes on and I slowly walk over to the door and open it to see everybody standing there, I lock the door and close it really fast, then asked my brothers were the ready to go, they both got this big ass grins on their face, and Rogers in a daze. Melanie is asking me what all that noise was. I simply tell here we were playing his game. She looks at me funny and tries to open his door, but it’s locked. “He said he doesn’t want to be bothered. I beat him pretty bad in there.” My brothers burst out laughing as they head to the door. Walking back to grandma house, they tell me about Roger getting head for the first time. But I can’t wait to tell them about Chris; but that has to wait until Rogers gone.

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Triplets Sex Pt 1

It’s the first Friday night of my 8th grade year. That means it’s time to hit up the skating rink where everybody goes on chill and have fun. Looking threw my closet filled with clothes; it’s hard to figure out what I want to wear. Suddenly I hear my Lil Wayne ringtone going off, I run to my bed to find my phone and answer it. It’s my boy Mario, asking me was I ready; saying he was walking to my house now. Being me I told him almost even thought I it was lie. As I hung up I ran to my closet and pulled out a fit, it was kind of preppy looking but I could pull it off. By the way I’m Reynard Thomas but my friends call Rey. I’m in eight grade as you know & I just turned 13, I always had a nice in-shape body, something like Soulja Boy’s, I actually got a lil fade going like him to but I think my dick might be bigger. I have two brothers, Leynard (Nard) is older and Jeynard (Jay) is the youngest but were all 13. Yea we triplets, and from what all the chicks tell us the sexiest in Florida. Jay walked in the room and asked me if I was ready, I had just finished putting on my new Kswiss. “Yeah I’m ready” I told him. As me and my brothers walked out the house, our crew was waiting; we all walked to the skating rink together. Talking about how we looking forward to getting some pussy tonight. Fridays night for us usually ended in sex for us. Once we got there we walked straight in being that our cousin is the door guard.

Immediately all the chick ran up and crowded around us, we each picked the girls we wanted and continued on to the dance floor. The girl I picked was Lisa she’s one of the sexist Latin chicks in school and she grind up on me hard, and I know she feeling every inch of me. With my hands on her hip I was pressed up against her making sure she could feel she wasn’t dealing with a little boy. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the game room. I wasn’t many people in the game room; so Lisa found a dark corner between the game machines and dropped to her knees. Unzipped my pants and slide my dick from the confine of my briefs. I heard her whisper “wow”. Next I felt her messaging my dick back and forth with her hand. I could tell she was nervous about this. So I pulled my dick out her hand and pulled her head closer to my dick until her lips met my dick head, and I felt them part, and a warmth rush from my one head to the other. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her service, as she became more confident she took in my meat more until I felt her gag against my base. It felt amazing, but it wasn’t an unfamiliar feeling yet she was doing her thing. As my body tensed up and my toes curled in my new shoes I could feel it was time, to see if she was a keeper or not. With one hand on her head I flung my dick in and out of her throat, until …“Ugh” I let out my load of baby juice into her mouth glob after glob, but they all disappeared down her throat. Yeah Lisa was definitely a keeper. She got up and dusted off her knees and pulled me back out to the dance floor with my dick still hanging out. I rush to put the snake back in it cage before the other niggas got jealous and we dance the rest of the night. As the Skating rink closed I waited outside for her mom to come pick her up. We switch numbers and kissed goodbye before her mom pulled up. Then set off walking back home.

I told the crew how Lisa sucked me up in the game room. Leroy said she was in his third period class and he was going to try and get some on Monday. I told him “She hooked on this good meat but go on and try little man.” As we got back to the neighborhood we split up, Sam, and Troy were going to stay the night at our house; so they walked with us while everybody else headed to their house. When we got home my brothers headed straight to our room; but I went to go check on my mom to see if she was sleeping and alright. Mommy was knocked out snoring, I pulled the covers over heard gave her a kiss and headed to the room. When I walked in the first thing I seen was Sam and Troy and their knees with a mouth full of dick. Troy could suck a good dick, by the time he was finished you’d be seeing stars and Sam had a tight ass that would have any boy giving up his lunch money for that ass. Troy is cute as fuck thin little frame big lips like his mom, Sam has a little more weight on him but that don’t stop a nigga from beating it up. Watching Troy’s mouth glide down the shaft of Nard’s dick had my own shit getting hard, then hearing how Jay was moaning from the way Sam was sucking on his left nut, wasn’t helping my dick go down either. I knew had to get up in some guts, my dick would be mad if I hadn’t. So I crept up behind Sam, then I bent down and kissed Sam’s right ass check, then the left. Next I let my tongue slide down his crack until I found myself munching on his sweet asshole; I felt his body flutter with pleasure. I pushed my tongue slowly inside him to get the that blast of flavor loved so much, soon it was my tongue and a finger but that made my dick even more jealously. Lil Rey was begging to slide inside Sam and as I pushed my head inside; he let out a moan that was muffled by the dick he had in his mouth. Oh god my homeboy ass clamped around my dick as I pumped him. I mean it felt like that place good people go when they die. I could feel him tightening around my dick, and hear him moaning as he sucked on Jay’s balls. Thrusting every inch inside of him I watched him as he sucked my brother’s dick, saliva covering every inch flowing down dripping from his balls. Jay openly bragged about how he trained Sam so good. It was time, Sam walls were too much for me, I was about to cum. Speeding up putting my back to work, I slammed my dick deep inside him and shot my seed deep down in his inner bowels. At the same time Jay pulled out and cummed all over his face. As we finished we sat and watch as Nard destroyed Troy’s throat and nutted down it too. After we finished up we all took turns taking a shower then went to sleep.

The next morning was I woke up and Jay and Troy were watching cartoons, I got up and walked to the bathroom to take a piss. As soon I opened the room door the smell of bacon, eggs and grits hit my nose and I knew my mom was woke. Since I was naked I crept back into the room before my mom seen. I lit a candle so my mom wouldn’t walk in a smell sex. You know them moms got them bionic noses. My mom called us for breakfast, so I woke up Nard and Troy and we all headed to the table. As we ate Troy said “Miss Thomas you always make the best breakfast, I’ve never tasted anything as good as your eggs” Troy looked up from his plate, “You sure, I thought you said the same thing last night”. We all started except my mom who obviously didn’t know what we were talking about. But it didn’t stop her from asking, “What’s so funny about that?” “Oh Ma last night he this milk shake and kept talking about how good it tasted going down his throat”; we busted out laughing again. After breakfast we all cleaned up and went outside to meet up with our crew a play some football. We always played against these white boys that stayed in the next neighborhood over. And I’m go tell you some of them white boys be looking good. As we met up on the field behind the high school we exchanged hi and talked shit about who was going to win, but when I seen my main squeeze I knew it was time to play. Nicholas was on the school flag football team and always thought he was the best on the team until he was under me.

We scored first when Troy threw a pass to Dee and he ran pass two of the other player to score a touchdown. Our team scored two more times before the white boys did. But it wasn’t enough we ended up winning sending the back looking shit faces. As they were walking away I ran up to Nicholas, “What’s up where you off too?” He smiled and said “I’m about to go home, why you going to meet me there?” I laughed and asked him “what would we do if I did?” “What we always do?” I couldn’t go to his house today though my mom wanted us to go see our grandma later and I didn’t have enough time to go to his house then be back to mines all while fucking him the way he wanted. “Damn Nick I can’t go to your house, let’s just go over to the school and do something. I got to go out with my mom soon.” “I wish I could but my friends already be asking me where I disappear to with you after the games” he said. “Well fuck them it ain’t there business if they want some of this dick they can come too.” “I know man I know but look my parents aren’t going to be home until very late come then, ok.” Reluctantly I said “ok” because I really need some ass, and his was perfect, he was only twelve but I really had him turned out. We’ve been fucking since I was eleven, and I can’t get enough of him. “So I be seeing you then, bring some energy with you.” He said running t catch up with is friends. As my brothers walked up the both asked me “You still fucking that white boy?” “You know I am, that white boy a fucking freak, I might be in love.” I told them laughing “I know you right, I almost feel myself.” Nard blurted out. “What” I asked him “You fucked him?” “Hell yeah just last week after school, when we finished practice.” He looked at Jay and said “You don’t know what you missing.” He said “I know, I done been up in him he’s real good.” “Damn everybody done fucked. Shit well let’s hit up his place up tonight he parents is going to be gone.” They both said alright and we head back home to get ready to see our grandma.



Triplet Sex Pt. 4

“What the FUCK! What happen?” Jay asked, “Bro I was fucking Nick, wearing that shit out. Then his parents walked in their room.” “You was doing him in his parents room?” “Yeah Jay I was fucking that life out of him, and his mom and dad walks in while I was on top of him tagging that shit.” “What happened, you bucked!?” “Hell yeah after I caught my shit!” Jay started laughing “You fucked the boy and nutted in the nigga right in front of his parents, you a cold ass nigga bro.” “What was I suppose to do, shit I was right at the point.” As we talked and I told him the rest of the story; in walked Nard. At first I just looked at him because I was still a little mad about him and Nick earlier but I thought about it, Nick ain’t my property we ain’t together, so fuck him. “Where you coming from?” Jay asked Nard as if he didn’t know. “Having fun” he replied “what y’all motherfuckers talkin bout.” “Ray just got caught fucking Nick!” Jay blurted out. Nard looked at me “What! By who!” “his parents” I said. “How the fuck you manage to do that, you so fucking stupid!” Nard yelled. I jumped up “Who the fuck you yelling at bitch ass nigga!” “You better sit the fuck down before I knock ya down bro.” I stepped back and fixed my set “I didn’t stand up just to sit down lets do this shit nigga.” Right as Nard came towards me the room door flung open, I heard a *slap* and Nard yelled loud as fuck, soon I felt the slap, it was our mom she came through whopping our ass. “Oh yall must think yall grown! Cursing and shit!” Our mom tore us up and told us to take are ass to sleep. That’s just what we did too, momma had a mean backhand we weren’t trying to feel that shit no more. 

The next day our mom woke us up so we could get ready for church. Nard took his shower first, then me, Jay went in my mom’s bathroom and took his shower. We dug into the back of the closet and pulled out are Sunday clothes. As usual when we were done getting ready we still had to sit and wait for Ma. After what seem like hours, she finally came out “go get in the car” she said. Like always Nard sat in the front, with me and Jay in the back. Church was boring as hell: seem like the pastor just went on, and on. When it was time for collections, Ma gave us a dollar to put in the plate. On our way up to the plate; I seen the pastors middle son, Mario, he was mixed with some kind of Spanish; I want to say Dominican but I ain’t sure, but any how he was smiling at me as I walked by. I looked and turned my head, he’s trouble and I was trying to be good today. After I put my money in the basket I headed back for my seat but I seen Mario walking towards the bathrooms he turned around and waved for me to follow, I got up and walked past the pew my mother was sitting at “Where you going?” she whispered, clutching my arm. “To the bathroom Ma, I’ll be right back, my stomach hurting.” She let my arm go “Hurry up and get your ass back here.” The lady in front of my mom turned around after hearing her curse, “if you want to keep those eyes I suggest you look some where else.” I heard her say as I was walking away. I headed down the hall toward the bathroom, bent the corner and open the bathroom door. Mario at the urinal taking a piss, he shook then turned around with his dick still hanging out his boxers. “So you couldn’t smile back.” he asked. “Smile back for what” I asked him  “I like it when you act like that” he said “Like what?” “All thuggish and shit, you make a boy dick get hard.” “This ain’t acting, this me but I aint no thug, what you wanted me to come back here for.” Mario walked up on me close, “Why you think?” He grabbed the waist of my pants and slid his other hand down them, “that’s it right there.” He said feeling on my dick. “Man you tripping, I ain’t fucking you in no bathroom.” “Why not?” he said walking over and locking the door. “This shit to dirty man I got standards.” He pulled his pants down just below his ass, and showed me how fat it was, hanging over the waist of his pants. “You sure?” “Yup im sure, Let me out I got to go back to my seat.” When I walked up to the door, he pulled up his pants, grabbed my hand “follow me.” He unlocked the door and pulled me back down the hall. We went through this side door and down this little hall, he popped open this small door and we crawled through.

“Where are we?” I asked “In my dad’s study he don’t come in here until he finishes the service and nobody’s allowed in here until the service is over.” I turned and looked around his study; there were a lot of books, pictures, and Jesus statues. When I looked back at Mario he was stripped down butt ass naked. He stood there smiling with his bright white teeth. “Take them off” he said. I took all my clothes off folded them up and placed them in a chair. Mario pushed me back and I leant up against the desk, he got down on his knees and started playing with my balls using his tongue then took my dick in his hand and slowly jacked it. When he finished giving my balls the attention they deserved he locked his lips on my head. He really wasn’t much of a dick sucker so I let him bob up and down on my shit for awhile, then pulled him up. I moved all his dad stuff on his desk and laid him down on his back. Mario opened his legs and I walked between them, “wait go get that plastic out my back pocket” I walked over to his pants pipe swing through the air, looked in his back pocket and found the condom, I slipped that bitch on but it barely fit, I went back to Mario over on the desk he was still on his back, he put his legs back up in the air, I found that hole, pointed my head towards it, I pushed trying to get it in, no luck. This nigga hole  was so tight. I told him to hold his shit open, and I tried again, I pushed in hard and forced my shit inside “AWW SHIT, BE CAREFUL” he yelled luckily the choir was singing, holding his legs back I went in and out slowly, looking at my thick meat stuff inside him. Mario jacked his dick with one hand with his other on my stomach to keep me from going too deep, his abs flexed, and toes curled as my dick went the distant. As my ryhtmn intensified he jacked harded, soon all you heard was my grunts, his moans and skin slapping. His head was laid back on the desk, eyes clinched closed, his dark red skin shinning with perspiration. I was in him deep, bring my dick out to the head slowly, then rushing back in fast. I bent down grinding in him and started sucking on his nipples, with them legs resting on my shoulders. I climbed up on the desk, I was squatting on the desk up and down in that pussy. Mario eyes had rolled back, disappearing somewhere in his head, i felt his body tensed up, and his jacking grew erratic. I hit that nigga even harder with the pipe, and he started moaning “don’t stop Ray don’t stop!” Jackhammering inside him as hard as I possibly could., I suddenly see cum flying all over his face; landing in his mouth. I climbed from off of him and sat down in the pastors chair. Mario slowly rose up from the desk and stood up in front of me. He climbed up on the the arms of the chair; he lowered his ass down to the tip of my head, I pushed up until I felt his walls tightening around my crown, soon my balls were slapping up against his ass levitating over me. Mario was gripping the top of the chair, while i beat off inside him. “Damn, I almost for got how good you feel”, I pulled out of him and pulled the condom off. Then pulled him back down on top of me. Mario shit was clutching, messaging and twisting my shit so good it hurt. Mario came down hard on me, grabbed the arms of the chair with his legs on my shoulders. “Let me ride you baby.” He lifted himself up and down on my dick slow, I was in amazement as he sped up, taking my dick on a serious drive, he tighten the muscles and swirled around in my lap, I stood up and started fucking him in mid air. Looking down as he came crashing down on my shit, he was moaning like crazy, taking my dick rough. Digging in to my shoulders, as I repeatedly hit his stomach, holding him close grinding inside them guts strong. ”I can’t hold it any longer” I started cumming inside him, a lot. The cum dripping to the floor as I continued to slowly grind inside him. I let him down and as soon as his feet touched the ground. The nut started dripping down his legs, he turned around to go get his clothes, that ass was still spread open. He bend over to pick up his clothes, and I walked up his behind him and slipped back inside. “Aww damn baby” he moaned, I wrapped my hands around his waist, hugging him as i played in him slowly. “You like this dick don’t you.” I asked him “Yes Ray, you know I like it, murk my shit.” Mario replied. Letting my lower back do some work, my dick begins slamming inside that nigga again. I watch as his ass clap and waves flow across them cheeks. “Damn Ray, Damn Fuck me” He goes into speaking another language. Im getting in the groove again, banging this bitch up when I hear “Lets have a last prayer before we conclude our service.” Trying to catch my nut before the prayer is over, I walk him over to the wall  pinning Mario against it. Pulling his waist to my dick as I ram in his anus. Mario starts screaming uncontrollably as the dick tears him open. I cover his mouth trying to muffle the screams. He bites me, and I continue to split him open, until… “Aww” untillll “Awww Fuck!” unttttiiiilllll “FUCK!” I bust all over that hoe ass niggas back. It quiet out in the church, so we hurry to pick up our clothes. As where opening the side door, the pastor study door opens. We get dressed in the tiny hall. Mario says “good fuck, see you tomorrow at practice.” I hurry and run down the hall and slip into a back pew, as the junior preacher says a last word. When he closes I play sleep as my mom pops my shoulder. “Lets go.” 

In the car Jay stares at me with a smirk. We stop at Golden Corral to get a bite to eat. And guess what., the Pastors family decide to eat here too. Me and my brothers follow my mom in, the lady at the register say “ain’t they the cutest boys you ever did see.” My mom says, “yeah them my babies, love them to death.” The waitress seat us and we find a table. Me and my brothers walk up to the buffet, “where did you disappear to during service?” Asked Nard. “to the bathroom, then I fell asleep in the back.” “It was funny how you and Mario disappeared at the same time.” Jay slid in, “well he went to the bathroom too. So what.” They both looked at me as if they already knew; so I gave in. “I fucked him in the Pastors office.” The guy filling the fried chicken damn there dropped the plate on the floor, I looked at him and said “problem?” We finished fixing our plates and sat down at the table. Our mom walked over to the Pastor’s table and sat down at the table. Mario walked over to our table and sat down, “Hey everybody, what up?” We watched as he sat down slowly, we almost laughed. “Are you OK?” Jay asked him. “Just a bit sore.” “From what” I asked him trying to hold back my laugh. Mario looked at me and made this face, “I fell.” “On a stick or something because you sat down real slow.” “Yeah” something like that. Nard said “Did it hit you in the ass?” “It came close, but I’m OK, it didn’t do any damage.” Jay and Nard started laughing, I didn’t, “Oh it didn’t, then how come we heard you yelling all the way across town.” I asked “I put on sometimes.” I damn near slapped the fuck out of him at that table but I held back. “We’ll see next time you fall on a stick.” “Hopefully it’s a big one next time, the small one earlier didn’t do anything.” He fired back, “Fuck you” I said. “Why you getting so offended for Ray?” Nard asked me, laughing up a storm. “No reason but I know Mario ain’t the only one falling on sticks these days.” I spoke out. 

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